Intelli Leak Tester

 The Intelli-Test 2 SCSR-Leak Detector has been specifically designed and developed by Unique Designs in collaboration with the CSIR Consulting for the accurate leak testing of Self-Contained Self-Rescuer breathing packs as used by underground mine personnel. The integrity of the SCSR breathing pack’s casing or housing, is of critical importance to its functionality and to the safety of the miner wearing the SCSR pack. Due to the rigorous activities during underground work, the housing is constantly subjected to severe jarring, scraping and collision with rocks and other items whilst in everyday use. This can lead to damage of the housing and the airtight seals protecting the inside contents and breathing apparatus.


Development Principles of Operation

A simple, but highly effective method of checking the integrity of the SCSR seals has been employed, whereby the ‘unit under test’ is placed in an airtight chamber, which is then subjected to a predetermined negative pressure, i.e. vacuum. Once stabilized, the level of vacuum is monitored over a given period of time, for any change, i.e. rise in pressure. If any rise in pressure is detected, this would indicate a faulty seal in the housing, and that air inside the pack, at atmospheric pressure, is leaking ‘outwards’ towards the lower pressure ‘side’ into the chamber. The rate of pressure (vacuum) change is the ‘leak rate’, which can thus be calculated at mbar/sec, for example. Highly accurate electronics and solid-state transducers are used to detect such a leak to the minute's levels.

•     The Intelli-Test 2 SCSR-Leak Detector is completely portable, and may be quickly 
      and easily moved or relocated at will.

•    Designed, manufactured and supported in South Africa, in conjunction with CSIR’s        
     Consulting and Analytical Services.

•    Simple safe 1-button operation.

•    Extremely small bench/desktop footprint. Can be stored on desktop, shelf, or in drawers.

•    Low-noise internal vacuum pump.

•    State-of-the-art microprocessor control and measurement.

•    Automatic SCSR serial number recognition by barcode reader.

•    Self-calibrating with calibration reference pack/unit.

•    Visual Inspection selection for Moisture, Dents, Cracks, Primary seal, Secondary
     seal, and Weight (Optional).

•    Automatic operation once test is activated.

•    LCD Display with backlight for display of test progress and status information.

•    Test-result indication by both visual and audio signals.

•    Test-results will be automatically stored in the unit for later sending to a PC
     System (optional) equipped with a custom-designed database for the logging
     and accreditation of tested units along with date/time-stamp and serial number.

•    All types and brands of SCSR packs can be tested after calibration to specific individual type.



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