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Willbatt Products CC was started in 2001 by the current founder and Chief Executive Mr. G.C Marx and has grown consistently over the years. We supply work to over a 260 employees over 45 Sites in the Limpopo Region, North West Region, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Northern Cape. Willbatt Products CC has been certified by SERA PTY (Ltd) and was certified and received an overall B-BBEE status of Level 1.



Our Products

• Intelli Leak Tester
• Access Controll management system
• Equipment
  • Clinic/safety/Rescue
  • Lamproom 
  • Loco Battery Bays and other Batteries
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Services that we provide

• Labour
• Lamproom Management
• Underground Loco Battery Bay Service Provider
• Fork Lift Battery Service Provider Bays
• Container conversion into Lamp-Room
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Intelli Leak Tester

The Intelli-Test 2 SCSR-Leak Detector has been specifically designed and developby Unique Designs in collaboration with the CSIR Consulting for the accurate leak testing of Self-Contained Self-Rescuer breathing packs as used by underground mine personnel. The integrity of the SCSR breathing pack’s casing or housing, is of critical importance to...  
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Access Control Management

is used for the following:

• Provides access control to a mining area.
• Monitors which employees are inside/outside of a mining area.
• Ensures that all employees are outside a mining area for blasting or after a shift.
• Ensures that employees are in possession of their cap-lamp and safety equipment when entering a mining area.
• Monitors and manage cap-lamp and safety equipment.
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